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Agisting Services

Pricing: The cost is $100/month ($3.50/day) and with 2 current "boarders", we have available space for up to 3 additional alpacas.

Also, any alpaca purchased from us will receive 6 months free board.

Call for Details: 610-282-0607

Service Description

We enjoy giving individualized attention and personal care to each alpaca that stays here with us. Our boarding fees include routine care, monthly de-worming, feed and hay as needed. If requested, we will halter train and handle your alpaca on a daily basis.

We currently have 7 fenced pastures and also feed orchard grass hay, grain (Norm Evans) and free choice minerals. Medical expenses are not included in boarding fee.

We will also make arrangements for the shearing, and nail trimming of your alpacas as required and if desired.